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5 Best Laptops For Students In 2021 Review & Buying Guide

5 Best Laptops For Students In 2021

A laptop is a portable computer. Nowadays we cannot think a single day without a computer. The laptop is very comfortable because it is a very portable, lightweight thing.

Not only power supply it has everything we need in it. It has a keyboard, mouse or touchpad, speakers, display. Every organization, school, college, university are using laptops for various types of tasks. Students are using for educational purposes, research works. In this particular article, we will pick the best laptops for students.

Why Laptop Is Essential For The Students?

Online Classes: We all know about the recent pandemic covid-19. For this reason school, colleges, universities remain closed for a long time. In this situation, online classes are the only way to continue study. Lots of universities around the world taking classes online. Without Laptops Can students do various types of courses online? No way! It is also a crying need.

Research Work: Research works are very important. Students do research about various kinds of things. To do research we need lots of data at a time. Without a laptop, we cannot think about research works nowadays. 

Group work or Project: Group work or group project is a compulsory thing for a student. Every semester he should do project work with his friends. Every time they cannot stay together always and they must need proper connectivity over the internet to fulfill their project work.

Without these, there are lots of reasons to have a laptop in student life.



Product Name

Amazon Link

Best Laptop Overall

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Best Laptop short Budget

Lenovo Chromebook C330

Best Laptop with Classic Design

Apple MacBook Pro- 16GB

Best Processor

HP Stream 14inch Intel Celeron N4000

Best Battery Back Up

Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop

Top 5 Laptop For Students Review & Recommendation

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

The first thing we must say that Acer is one of the best laptop brands in the world. Acer laptops have a great demand around the globe. They always think about customer choice and budget. They always provide budget-friendly laptops.

Aspire 5 is a versatile laptop from a famous brand. In this laptop, you are going to get a full HD IPS display which is 15.6 inches in size. They used Ryzen 3 3200U as its Processor which is very powerful. If we look through the graphics card they used Vega 3 Graphics which is also very good. It has SSD 128GB memory with 4GB of DDR4 RAM which makes the laptop faster. Backlit Keyboard is very helpful in dark places and finally, you will get built-in windows 10 latest version in it.

If we carefully look through the laptop it’s a medium-size laptop with great processing power. They can be the best laptops for the students.

Reasons to Buy:


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Good battery backup
  • With a powerful processor
  • Best medium size laptop
  • With 4GB of DDR4 RAM


  • Heavy use may heat the laptop so you may need to use an external cooler
Why do we recommend Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop?

We mainly recommend it for its processor power, It can do heavy tasks for you without any problem. And in his budget, it is going to be the best laptop for college students.

Lenovo Chromebook C330

Lenovo! Maybe you already heard the name. Lenovo is a popular brand from china and they are famous for the wide selection of laptops. Lenovo has a huge collection of designs, People mainly like them for their amazing designs.

Let’s talk about Chrome book c330 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop. It is smaller in size. It’s only 11.6 inches in size and has a powerful HD display which has a 1366*768 IPS Display. They used media Tek as its processor. Model MT8173C. It has Chrome OS as its very fast operating system. You can boot it within a second. It looks very stylish and the main thing is, it is a 360-degree convertible laptop. You may tense about chrome OS. No worries it is very easy to use. 

Reasons to Buy:


  • Cool design
  • Small in size so it is very portable
  • Very fast and smart
  • With powerful HD display
  • Stylish and latest technology built


  • Chromebook may not allow google play store
Why do we recommend Lenovo Chromebook C330 laptop?

We mainly recommend it for the coolest design ever. It’s also thin less than one inch.

MacBook Pro – Space Gray By Apple

Almost every country in the world knows about apple who cares about customers’ emotions. World best laptops come from this brand. They are highly demandable all over the world because of their powerful products. They always provide the best technologies to people. Every part of its laptop comes from the best materials which make it long-lasting.

Let’s talk about their MacBook Pro which is one of the most demandable laptops from apple. It comes with a 16-inch display which is pretty good in size, display has a special feature called true tone technology. They used the ninth-generation 6 core intel i7 as a processor which is the very latest one and powerful to perform heavy tasks. AMD Radeon or graphic card used in it provide super performance. It has an ultra-fast SSD. In a word Mac is the top-rated laptop ever.

Reasons to Buy:


  • No heating issues
  • Long-lasting
  • Super performing hardware
  • With ultra-fast SSD
  • Best for the students


  • Costly
Why do we recommend MacBook Pro Space Gray By Apple?

Ram, Processor, and graphic card quality are awesome. The battery backup is so high and there are no heating issues. So we think it should be the best laptop for students.

HP Stream 14inch HD Intel Celeron N4000

HP is one of the best popular brands. They are well known for budget-friendly laptops. They always think about the user’s budgets. HP laptops are great for their built-in quality. They got a great reputation for their customer support.

Let’s talk about the mos valuable Newest HP Stream 14 inch Laptop. It comes with a 14inch smart HD display with a great resolution. They used an intel Celeron processor in it which model is N4000 Dual-Core. It provides super speed than another laptop from HP. 4GB ddr3 ram and 32GB eMMc Storage make it fast.

Reasons to Buy:


  • Perfect size
  • The display quality is good
  • With 14 inches smart HD display
  • With N4000 Dual-core
  • With 4GB RAM


  • Battery backup is not too high

Why do we recommend HP Stream 14inch HD Intel Celeron N4000?

If we look through the size it’s very handsome, Display quality is ultra HD provides a great tone on the picture. Processor and ram combination is good for multitasking.

Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop 1.6GHz 4GB

You already know that Lenovo is great for its cool design. Now we are here to represent you with another top-rated laptop from Lenovo. It’s IdeaPad Laptop 2020 model. AMD A6-9220e accelerated processor used here which performance is pretty good. These features are surely increasing its speed to the next level.

The display size is 14 inch which looks beautiful which contains an energy-efficient backlight. Like other laptops, it also has HDMI, LAN, Headphone port. Built-in windows 10 operating system installed in it. The amazing surprise is you will get one year Microsoft Office subscription free.


  • The processor is very good
  • Cool design and size
  • With built-in Windows 10 Operating System
  • Smart and stylish
  • Compact and durable


  • Not too good for multitasking
Why do we recommend Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop 1.6GHz 4GB?

Mainly we recommend it to you for its compact design and super processing power with awesome battery backup.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Choosing Laptops

Size: Size is an important thing, there are different size laptops in the market. If you go for small size laptop then it would be thinner and more lightweight to carry. So be careful while choosing your one.

Screen Quality: Display is a major part of a laptop. Always try to choose a high-resolution display that supports high definition video and images.

Keyboard Quality: Using an external keyboard in laptops looks very ugly. If you buy a laptop with a poor quality keyboard then in the long run you have to use external keyboards. Replacing laptops keyboard are so costly so try to choose the best quality keyboard with button light. So you can feel comfortable in a dark place.

CPU: It is the main part of a laptop, always try to buy the best configuration according to your budget but try to buy the latest one.

Ram & Storage: Try to use high capacity ram, it will increase the speed of your tasks. If we talk about storage then try to buy SSD because it is faster than HDD.

Benefits Of Laptops

Laptops are popular because of the technical resources they have, as well as their portability. They are becoming more common for home use, but many schools are now incorporating them into their classrooms.

Students who use laptop computers benefit from various benefits, including more reliable and thorough note-taking, easier writing and editing, and more convenient community work and research.

Large-Scale Intercommunication

Laptops simplify collaboration on tasks. A student who has a problem/project will give a teacher an e-mail or a message to another student in the classroom easily. 

Professors may submit additional information via e-mail, and students who do not have permanent access to the machine may not receive this information or may receive it days after other students receive it. 

Students can also use social networking and online chat services to fulfill their duties by posting questions or contributing to the creation of study guides.

Mobility: It is the first benefit of a laptop. Compact size with lightweight can carry everywhere. It has a built-in battery which supplies power to it.

All in one: All the components you need to run a computer you will get on a laptop. You need no external device to run it.

Internet Access: Access to the internet is very easy because it has a wi-fi system, LAN port and also you can use a modem in it.

Among these, there are lots of benefits of laptops. Most of the people try to buy laptops except desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Laptops Empowers the Group Work?

Group projects are important for student achievement. Students who learn how to function as part of a team and benefit from their peers’ talents learn content in a new manner. Laptops make group learning easier by encouraging students to gather in any place – whether it’s a library, a school space, or a student’s home.

To access all the resources they need, such as classroom notes, journal posts, online study, or tools for making videos, slide shows, or other objects for presentations laptop is a crying need. Students can conveniently exchange files with one another anywhere they have Internet connections.

Why are laptops more effective?

Apart from paper notes, which can be thrown out or misplaced, digital notes can be stored and backed up, ensuring that they are not lost. Students can take notes at home on a desktop, but only a laptop can help them take notes to get the most content.

Why Laptops carry additional advantages to students?

Taking manually written notes can be tedious and burdening on your hand. Students who have PCs compose their notes straightforwardly into an organizer. Taking notes electronically is both less difficult and more flexible. They can utilize advanced note-taking inventory and organize their examination materials, check for data by watchword, and trade notes with different alternates.


The laptop is an essential and precious thing. You should be careful and choosy while buying the best laptops for students because it is a costly thing and it’s not a thing that you can buy every month.

So be careful and try to buy our recommended laptops because our research team finds out the best one for you. If you need the most premium brand then go for Macbook by Apple. If you want a limited budget then go for Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop.

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